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  • A Bootstrap CSS Coding Assignment

    In my Web Programming for Non-Programmers course, we’re halfway through the term. The students have worked with vanilla CSS and have been introduced to Bootstrap this week. Here’s this week’s assignment. The topic of this site, “AI Prompt Lessons”, is a site that I’m actually working on. This design is a very rough first version […]

  • Some resources on CSS gradient backgrounds

    A static colored background seems so tired these days. A CSS gradient background can add some pop to your page. Here are two tools to help you pick gradient colors: And here’s a detailed article on using CSS gradients: Test out the backgrounds on a full page. A background that might look cool […]

  • How can I resolve my doubts about learning to code?

    That voice in your head Is this for me?Can I do this?Iโ€™m not good at this. Itโ€™s natural to have doubts. But what are doubts? Do doubts really exist? Or, are doubts simply beliefs you have developed about yourself? Perhaps, these beliefs are based on a past experience with a similar topic with which you […]

  • Introduction to Bootstrap 4

    Using Bootstrap The current version of Bootstrap is 4.5; new versions come out regularly. When you’re looking at documentation on the web to figure out how to do something in Bootstrap, be sure to note the version number. Version 4 is very different from version 3. So, a lot of older advice about Bootstrap can […]

  • Grids, responsive design, & CSS frameworks

    This articles provides an introduction to grids, responsive design, and CSS frameworks. Grids are a fundamental part of design that makes your life a lot easier. The second part of the article will talk about responsive design: or, how web sites adapt (or respond) to different sizes of screens. The web designer and developer have […]

  • Creativity with CSS

    Week 4 notes for DCI 110: Web Programming for Non-Programmers In video lesson 2, we examined this basic site: It’s okay, but it has some problems. Notice that yellow bar at the very top? That shouldn’t be there. All the fonts are also bland, just the default fonts. The spacing of “Hello, beautiful world” needs […]

  • A cluster of assignments

    This week in Web Programming for Non-programmers we have a cluster of assignments that aims to solidify your basic skills in working with HTML and CSS. Background reading This week read the following: Organizing files for static websites on my blog. View the video CSS for Beginners. Model Code & Critical Thinking Questions (5m). Lesson […]

  • Organizing files for static websites

    One of the most common problems that I’ve seen among students is file management. Or, more precisely, the lack of any kind of file management. If you are a student who depends upon the search function for finding files on you computer, then you need to break that habit. Web development depends upon organized file […]

  • How the Internet Works

    The web. We use it everyday. It makes this very presentation possible. The Internet. The Web. So few people even know the distinction. That’s okay. Today the distinction is largely irrelevant to our everyday lives even as our lives are embedded in the network. How did we get here? How did the web get to […]

  • Websites by Creative Digital Agencies for inspiring design

    There are many types of web sites that serve different audiences for different purposes. Most sites call for a straightforward approach, but others spark a more engaging experience for users. In learning about the possibilities of web design, it’s instructive to look closely at how these sites are arranged. Creative Digital Agencies The most exciting […]