A cluster of assignments

This week in Web Programming for Non-programmers we have a cluster of assignments that aims to solidify your basic skills in working with HTML and CSS.

Background reading

This week read the following:

Organizing files for static websites on my blog.

View the video CSS for Beginners. Model Code & Critical Thinking Questions (5m). Lesson 2 on my YouTube channel. (The video refers to another video that explains the code presented in the video. I will upload that video next week after you have completed the questions in this week’s assignment.) Use the readings, listed below, to help you understand the video.

Chapter 2: Getting to Know CSS by Shay Howe.

On the Mozilla Developer Network site, read:

<link>: The External Resource Link Element

CSS selectors

Type, Class, and ID selectors

Class selectors and ID selectors

View the video What is GitHub (1m) on my YouTube channel and also read the brief post What is GitHub? on my blog.

Assignments for Week 3

There are 7 assignments this week. (2 assignments were transferred from last week to this week.) Most of the assignments are actually quite short, so it’s not as much work as it sounds. The assignments are all related to each other and are intended as small steps that help you work on your term project. As always, the due dates are recommended dates and not requirements. I do strongly recommend that you complete all assignments by the end of Sunday, September 13. See the details of each assignment in Canvas.

assignment H.3: File/directory management.

assignment C.1: Link to CSS file.

assignment C.2: ID & Class.

assignment C. 3: CSS file formatting

assignment C. 4: CSS comments

assignment CP3 (challenge problem): Creating an offline website

assignment CP4 (challenge problem): Publishing via GitHub pages (details on this assignment will be released on Thursday, Sept 8, 2020).