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  • The Twenty Twenty-Three theme from WordPress

    I switched this site to the latest theme from WordPress. As you can see, it’s a minimalist theme. I’ve been disappointed with many of the themes in the last few years. I like the minimalist approach, though this theme is a bit too minimalistic. Yet, I’m wondering about its capacity as a starting place for […]

  • Pandoc & The Peak of Shenandoah

    Objective: a tutorial for the staff of Shenandoah in processing and uploading new posts to The Peak. The Peak is the blog-like supplement to the twice-yearly Shenandoah literary magazine. Credit for the technical development of The Peak goes to the wonderful work of W&L undergrad Coletta Fuller, who adapted Shenandoah’s primary theme and provided the […]

  • Divi: Hide Social Media Icons in Footer

    In the footer of the Divi theme, a set of social media icons appear: You’ll want to turn these off if you’re not using. Or, you can add in your social media information for the ones you’re using them. In the theme customizer, select the Footer. Then in the submenu that appears after that, select […]

  • Divi: hiding the logo

    By default the Divi theme includes its own logo in the top left corner of the page as you scroll down. There are two places in the customizing themes section where you want to change the setting for hiding the logo. Go to the WP Dashboard for your site. Hover over the Divi menu option […]