Endless Hybrids: work as a journey of creativity

  • Websites by Creative Digital Agencies for inspiring design

    There are many types of web sites that serve different audiences for different purposes. Most sites call for a straightforward approach, but others spark a more engaging experience for users. In learning about the possibilities of web design, it’s instructive to look closely at how these sites are arranged. Creative Digital Agencies The most exciting […]

  • Asking the essential questions about web development

    I have a dozen essential questions that anyone learning web development should think deeply about. But, first I want to talk about what makes for a good question. And how do questions help us focus on thinking to form the mental action steps needed to develop knowledge? When I was in college, my roommate and […]

  • The Term Project: Designing Your Life

    Notes for my course this Fall: Web Programming for Nonprogrammers You will practice the skills you learn in this course by building a project over the next 11 weeks. That project is, of course, a website. Actually, just one page. You will be designing and coding a complete page from scratch. This page will utilize […]

  • Learning does not just happen

    Learning does not just happen. No one is born knowing everything or knowing anything. We are all learning, learning all the time. Some people seem to learn so easily, almost magically. We think of those people as really smart. But forget about them. Focus on yourself. Focus on how you learn. I am completely convinced […]

  • Why did I learn to code?

    I never expected to ever teach programming or to even make a living as a software developer. It was the furthest thing from my mind as an English major in college. Even as I was learning about web technologies, I still thought coding was beyond my reach. Coding, in my mind then, belonged to the […]

  • 2050: Imagining the Impossible?

    When I started college, the 21st century, the year 2000, seemed so far away: 16 years. For students today, 16 years from today (2036) must seem so far away though as we age we realize that the years go quickly. Indeed, after age 50 we accept the rapid pace and realize that 16 years isn’t […]

  • Welcome to DCI 110

    Here’s a bit of the opening that I’m telling to this year’s DCI 110 class. Obviously, this course is going to be very different from how I would teach an in-person course. But I’ve been working all summer on preparing this virtual experience for you. I’m very excited about teaching this way, and I hope […]

  • Skills, money, & the marketplace

    I heard this remark the other day on some video that I can’t remember: “trading your skills for money in the market” Essentially, that is why we work. It sounds so crass. We try to avoid recognizing the brute brutality of what we do for our survival. As an undergraduate, I did not want to […]

  • Start-of-course knowledge survey

    Inspired by Linda Nilson’s excellent book Specifications Grading, I’m implementing several new ideas in my Fall term course. One of those is an ungraded start-of-course knowledge survey. In many ways, this assignment is a metacognitive task that helps instills thinking about the course in the students’ minds at the beginning of the course. I’m cautioning […]

  • The No Code Movement

    The no code movement views technological advances in software and artificial intelligence (AI) as opportunities for promoting user-friendly interfaces as alternatives for hand-coded programming. That sounds great! Well designed tools allow people to focus on getting things done with software rather than being concerned with the details of coding. But what if the tool is […]