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  • How can I resolve my doubts about learning to code?

    That voice in your head Is this for me?Can I do this?Iโ€™m not good at this. Itโ€™s natural to have doubts. But what are doubts? Do doubts really exist? Or, are doubts simply beliefs you have developed about yourself? Perhaps, these beliefs are based on a past experience with a similar topic with which you […]

  • A cluster of assignments

    This week in Web Programming for Non-programmers we have a cluster of assignments that aims to solidify your basic skills in working with HTML and CSS. Background reading This week read the following: Organizing files for static websites on my blog. View the video CSS for Beginners. Model Code & Critical Thinking Questions (5m). Lesson […]

  • Listening is not learning

    Sitting in a classroom while a professor lectures, or sitting at home watching a video of a professor speaking is not learning. It’s listening. Sometimes it’s not even that. Sometimes, as we all know, even in the classroom you are barely paying any attention. But even if you are attentive, you are only using your […]

  • How the Internet Works

    The web. We use it everyday. It makes this very presentation possible. The Internet. The Web. So few people even know the distinction. That’s okay. Today the distinction is largely irrelevant to our everyday lives even as our lives are embedded in the network. How did we get here? How did the web get to […]

  • Weekly 1-minute summary

    In the syllabus you see something called one-minute summary for Week 1, etc. That’s a task you should do for yourself. You do not submit it to me. I’ll never see it. Now is the time to start developing habits of mind for yourself. At the end of each week, take a minute or however […]

  • 2025: Where are you?

    A question prompt for students to think about for their term projects. Visualizing your future is a mental process that aids in exploring options and planning a path forward. The key is to visualize the future and the steps needed to get there. Do not fall into the trap of living in the future. Now, […]

  • Asking the essential questions about web development

    I have a dozen essential questions that anyone learning web development should think deeply about. But, first I want to talk about what makes for a good question. And how do questions help us focus on thinking to form the mental action steps needed to develop knowledge? When I was in college, my roommate and […]

  • The Term Project: Designing Your Life

    Notes for my course this Fall: Web Programming for Nonprogrammers You will practice the skills you learn in this course by building a project over the next 11 weeks. That project is, of course, a website. Actually, just one page. You will be designing and coding a complete page from scratch. This page will utilize […]

  • Learning does not just happen

    Learning does not just happen. No one is born knowing everything or knowing anything. We are all learning, learning all the time. Some people seem to learn so easily, almost magically. We think of those people as really smart. But forget about them. Focus on yourself. Focus on how you learn. I am completely convinced […]

  • Why did I learn to code?

    I never expected to ever teach programming or to even make a living as a software developer. It was the furthest thing from my mind as an English major in college. Even as I was learning about web technologies, I still thought coding was beyond my reach. Coding, in my mind then, belonged to the […]