Creating an asset kit for a 3D game

Procedural and Versatile: Explore Cartegena with Vincent Derozier is a superb article detailing the steps employed in crafting a 3D environment. The article provides key visuals for explaining the process. I’m particularly interested in urban environments, which first drew my attention to this specific piece. Substance3D is a suite of products offered by Adobe for… Continue reading Creating an asset kit for a 3D game

How can I resolve my doubts about learning to code?

That voice in your head Is this for me?Can I do this?I’m not good at this. It’s natural to have doubts. But what are doubts? Do doubts really exist? Or, are doubts simply beliefs you have developed about yourself? Perhaps, these beliefs are based on a past experience with a similar topic with which you… Continue reading How can I resolve my doubts about learning to code?

Introduction to Bootstrap 4

Using Bootstrap The current version of Bootstrap is 4.5; new versions come out regularly. When you’re looking at documentation on the web to figure out how to do something in Bootstrap, be sure to note the version number. Version 4 is very different from version 3. So, a lot of older advice about Bootstrap can… Continue reading Introduction to Bootstrap 4

Grids, responsive design, & CSS frameworks

This articles provides an introduction to grids, responsive design, and CSS frameworks. Grids are a fundamental part of design that makes your life a lot easier. The second part of the article will talk about responsive design: or, how web sites adapt (or respond) to different sizes of screens. The web designer and developer have… Continue reading Grids, responsive design, & CSS frameworks

Creativity with CSS

Week 4 notes for DCI 110: Web Programming for Non-Programmers In video lesson 2, we examined this basic site: It’s okay, but it has some problems. Notice that yellow bar at the very top? That shouldn’t be there. All the fonts are also bland, just the default fonts. The spacing of “Hello, beautiful world” needs… Continue reading Creativity with CSS

A cluster of assignments

This week in Web Programming for Non-programmers we have a cluster of assignments that aims to solidify your basic skills in working with HTML and CSS. Background reading This week read the following: Organizing files for static websites on my blog. View the video CSS for Beginners. Model Code & Critical Thinking Questions (5m). Lesson… Continue reading A cluster of assignments

Listening is not learning

Sitting in a classroom while a professor lectures, or sitting at home watching a video of a professor speaking is not learning. It’s listening. Sometimes it’s not even that. Sometimes, as we all know, even in the classroom you are barely paying any attention. But even if you are attentive, you are only using your… Continue reading Listening is not learning

Pandoc & The Peak of Shenandoah

Objective: a tutorial for the staff of Shenandoah in processing and uploading new posts to The Peak. The Peak is the blog-like supplement to the twice-yearly Shenandoah literary magazine. Credit for the technical development of The Peak goes to the wonderful work of W&L undergrad Coletta Fuller, who adapted Shenandoah’s primary theme and provided the… Continue reading Pandoc & The Peak of Shenandoah

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