Endless Hybrids: work as a journey of creativity

  • The Twenty Twenty-Three theme from WordPress

    I switched this site to the latest theme from WordPress. As you can see, it’s a minimalist theme. I’ve been disappointed with many of the themes in the last few years. I like the minimalist approach, though this theme is a bit too minimalistic. Yet, I’m wondering about its capacity as a starting place for […]

  • A Bootstrap CSS Coding Assignment

    In my Web Programming for Non-Programmers course, we’re halfway through the term. The students have worked with vanilla CSS and have been introduced to Bootstrap this week. Here’s this week’s assignment. The topic of this site, “AI Prompt Lessons”, is a site that I’m actually working on. This design is a very rough first version […]

  • Some resources on CSS gradient backgrounds

    A static colored background seems so tired these days. A CSS gradient background can add some pop to your page. Here are two tools to help you pick gradient colors: https://uigradients.com/ https://cssgradient.io/ And here’s a detailed article on using CSS gradients: Test out the backgrounds on a full page. A background that might look cool […]

  • A few notes about portfolios

    Thoughts prepared prior to speaking to a group of Data Science minors working to fulfill the portfolio requirement. The stated requirement for the Data Science portfolio: Portfolio: DS 401, completed during the fall or winter term of the senior year, including at least three projects or assignments from courses in the minor in addition to […]

  • Weekly Update: December 5 – 12, 2021

    Inspired by bava weekly and motivated to add a bit more life into this blog, I’m starting a weekly update series. Professional Last week of class at W&L. I’ve been busy with grading, wrapping up courses, and assisting students with last-minute research projects. This term probably will be the last in which I’m doing so […]

  • Nightlight Discovery: an open world

    The game environment of Nightlight Discovery is an open world of nature, modeled after areas inhabited by wildlife but free of buildings and people. You start playing as a wolf pup but will grow up into an adult wolf, if you survive. (Most wolf pups in reality don’t survive their first year.) We’re learning a […]

  • Nightlight Discovery: developing a game with my daughter

    During the pandemic, Mila & I started creating a 3D video game about a wolf pup lost in the woods. Mila is the creative director. I’m developing the game in Unreal Engine. I’ll be posting updates about our progress. I love working with her on this project!

  • Business, Creativity & Game Engines

    Every few years I adjust the focus on this blog based on my evolving interests. Here’s where my mind is for this coming year: On this channel, I’m exploring the intersection of business, creativity and game engines. The most exciting advances in entertainment and education over the next decade will emerge out of blending those […]

  • Creating an asset kit for a 3D game

    Procedural and Versatile: Explore Cartegena with Vincent Derozier is a superb article detailing the steps employed in crafting a 3D environment. The article provides key visuals for explaining the process. I’m particularly interested in urban environments, which first drew my attention to this specific piece. Substance3D is a suite of products offered by Adobe for […]

  • How can I resolve my doubts about learning to code?

    That voice in your head Is this for me?Can I do this?I’m not good at this. It’s natural to have doubts. But what are doubts? Do doubts really exist? Or, are doubts simply beliefs you have developed about yourself? Perhaps, these beliefs are based on a past experience with a similar topic with which you […]