Business, Creativity & Game Engines

Every few years I adjust the focus on this blog based on my evolving interests. Here’s where my mind is for this coming year:

On this channel, I’m exploring the intersection of business, creativity and game engines.

The most exciting advances in entertainment and education over the next decade will emerge out of blending those 3 elements.

Game engines, such as Unity, are the software platforms for not only developing games but also for developing augmented reality, virtual reality and all types of interactive storytelling.

Yet, few people outside the game industry recognize the possibilities of readily-available game engines.

The global video game industry is a market valued at over $150 billion and growing. In comparison, for the film industry worldwide box office revenue was $42 billion.

The game industry consists of massive corporations with their AAA game studios as well as small, independent game developers. Indeed, these independent game developers are becoming a new creator class: solo, or a few people, small businesses offering a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle alternative to working for someone else.

Game engines are not just about games. The same software used to create games is now being used to create VR experiences in manufacturing and elsewhere.

Game engines provide our creativity with the possibilities to create experiences, digital and in-person, that cannot be done through any other means. The creativity made possible by game engines will be the core of entertainment and learning over the next decades.

Endless possibilities will emerge.

Industries will evolve.

New forms of storytelling will engage our daily lives.

I’ve been thinking about these topics for the last 20 years. Now, it’s time to share my insights and take a deeper step into the business and creativity of game engines.