Start-of-course knowledge survey

Inspired by Linda Nilson’s excellent book Specifications Grading, I’m implementing several new ideas in my Fall term course. One of those is an ungraded start-of-course knowledge survey. In many ways, this assignment is a metacognitive task that helps instills thinking about the course in the students’ minds at the beginning of the course. I’m cautioning… Continue reading Start-of-course knowledge survey

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The No Code Movement

The no code movement views technological advances in software and artificial intelligence (AI) as opportunities for promoting user-friendly interfaces as alternatives for hand-coded programming. That sounds great! Well designed tools allow people to focus on getting things done with software rather than being concerned with the details of coding. But what if the tool is… Continue reading The No Code Movement

What is GitHub?

GitHub has become a key tool in not only my web development process but also in my life and work. You definitely don’t need GitHub in order to create web sites, but it can really help you stay organized and productive. GitHub, as the name suggests, is based on what was once a little-known set… Continue reading What is GitHub?

How to Write Comments in JavaScript

All programming languages have the capability for the programmer to add comments into the code. Comments, unlike the other parts of the code, are intended for humans. Writing good comments are an important part of coding. Comments provide notes on what the code is doing. Some professional programmers will say that good programming does not… Continue reading How to Write Comments in JavaScript

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Divi: hiding the logo

By default the Divi theme includes its own logo in the top left corner of the page as you scroll down. There are two places in the customizing themes section where you want to change the setting for hiding the logo. Go to the WP Dashboard for your site. Hover over the Divi menu option… Continue reading Divi: hiding the logo

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