Another year of teaching multimedia storytelling design

For the third year in a row, I’m co-teaching Journalism 341: Multimedia Storytelling Design with Professor Toni Locy, a highly experienced journalist. The course is an intensive introduction to the foundations of Web design/development through the lens of long-form journalistic digital storytelling. The first half of the term involves analyzing the structure of many stories published as multimedia journalism, starting with the now classic Snowfall piece by the New York Times, NSA Files Decoded and Firestorm by The Guardian, and a large range of other stories. The Online Journalism Awards provide a good resource for updating the course contents every year.

Also during the first half of the term (our terms are 12 weeks), students will conduct an investigate report as a group project. This year’s topic is Race at Washington and Lee University. The second half of the term is implementing their reporting as a journalistic multimedia story on a website that will be made publicly available. It’s going to be very interesting to see in which directions the students take this story. Once that site is live in April, I’ll be posting the link.

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