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  • “Work is a constant conversation”

    “Work is a constant conversation. It is the back-and-forth between what I think is me and what I think is not me. It is the edge between what the world needs of me and what I need of the world.” David Whyte, The Three Marriages: Reimagining Work, Self and Relationship

  • Storytelling in the mid-century

    This essay was first posted on our book design blog on July 5, 2011. That site is no longer active. My daughter Mila, born on the second day of this year, will grow up in an era dominated by multi-touch tablets, with ever decreasing thickness and ever increasing capabilities. (Her adulthood likely will be spent […]

  • Writing as espionage

    “We remained travelers, enclosed in the self, capable, possibly, of transforming ourselves in contact with alterity, but certainly not of experiencing it profoundly. We are spies, we make the rapid, furtive contact of spies. When Chateaubriand invented travel literature with his Itinerary from Paris to Jerusalem in 1811, long before Stendhal and his Memoirs of […]

  • Brain Pickings

    Surely, if you’re reading this, you’re already familiar with the wonderful website that is Brain Pickings. I’m simply astonished with the wisdom reflected in the writings of Maria Popova. A good place to start: 10 Learnings from 10 Years of Brain Pickings.

  • Books I’m reading lately #1

    An occasional series of books  I read or in the process of reading, most recent first…this list is long since I’m including the books I read since July 2016. Towards Relational Sociology by Nick Crossley The Original 1939 Notebook of a Return to the Native Land by Aimé Césaire, translated by A. James Arnold and […]

  • Readings on electronic literature, or conversations on digital narrative

    I initially prepared the following list in preparation to guest lecture in an upcoming creative writing (fiction) course that will introduce students to ways of telling a story in digital media that takes forms other than linear prose. First, why the term electronic literature (e-lit)? That’s a stiff sounding term that is a throwback to an earlier time before […]

  • E-lit postings by Illya Szilak

    Over the course of a year (late 2012 – late 2013) author Illya Szilak wrote a series of articles on Huffington Post about electronic literature that are worth reading for anyone interested in the topic. Szilak is the author of Queerskins – A Novel and Reconstructing Mayakovsky – A Novel of the Future. Unlike most […]

  • Go Read: Software Development in 2014

    An excellent overview of the current state of software development by one of the most reasonable voices in the industry.    

  • Starting to read (again) Gramophone, Film, Typewriter

    Of all the books I’ve read in the last few years Gramophone, Film, Typewriter has stayed in my mind the most. In my notes I find the date 4-12-11 as my first reading. The book’s author Friedrich Kittler was still living then. I was living on the coast of Argentina, which seemed much longer than […]

  • Will iOS apps for children need to support iPad 1st generation?

    The first generation iPad does not support iOS 6. As operating systems evolve it’s not surprising that older hardware is obsoleted. AppAdvice on the matter: Get over it. But is that so easy for a publisher of apps made for children? Developers would prefer to deal only with the latest version of an iOS release. […]