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  • Publishing a static site with GitHub Pages

    Web sites with only a few pages that rarely need updating are prime candidates for publishing as static sites with GitHub Pages. (This post was specifically written for my DCI 110: Web Programming for Non-programmers class.) Definitions Static site: The contents of a site are stored in HTML files on a server. Static site generator: […]

  • Storytelling in the mid-century

    This essay was first posted on our book design blog on July 5, 2011. That site is no longer active. My daughter Mila, born on the second day of this year, will grow up in an era dominated by multi-touch tablets, with ever decreasing thickness and ever increasing capabilities. (Her adulthood likely will be spent […]

  • Interlitq: from custom PHP to WordPress

    Earlier in the year I described the essential elements in redesigning a literary magazine with Interlitq as our case study. The Interlitq redesign continues. The current timeframe is a June completion date, which is delayed from my original intention of April. The delay is largely due to my teaching schedule. I completed the multimedia storytelling […]

  • Interlitq: identifying essential elements in redesigning a literary magazine

    The redesign of Interlitq is going extremely well. We’re on a timeline to have the redesign completed this spring, and aiming for an early April release if at all possible. A literary magazine is one of the more complex types of sites to redesign. On the surface it looks quite simple: modify the header, adjust […]

  • The landscape of academic-led publishing

    Jisc has issued a new report on Changing Publishing Economies: A landscape study of new university presses and academic-led publishing (pdf). At least, I think it’s a new report; oddly, there’s no date of publication on the report. But it’s a very interesting overview of initiatives at least through 2016 when the study was commissioned. […]

  • Interlitq: A Review in Progress

    An activity I’ve undertaken this year is to modernize the design and digital strategy of Interlitq, The International Literary Quarterly. We’re approaching the 10th anniversary of Interlitq with the first issue appearing online in November 2007. A lot has changed on the web in the past decade, but the design and technical architecture of the […]

  • Drafting a course description

    I’m working on a syllabus for a course for next spring’s 4-week short term….not sure of the title yet…I’m toying with the words digital publishing startup. Here’s the first draft of a course description: Through focusing on a specific type of publishing endeavor, literary outlets, we will investigate the mechanisms that power the web and […]