Category: Personal

  • Reminders on how to live

    The first-half of 2019 has been a most difficult year as my personal life transitioned through many changes. I won’t go into all that. On top of that has been my work with a heavy teaching load at the university: co-teaching a journalism course on multimedia storytelling design, co-teaching a neuroscience workshop, and teaching a […]

  • The Purpose of Doing

    Late afternoon, I sit at my desk, just after class. I glance up at the prints from Buenos Aires that hang on the wall in front of me. More than a decade ago I blogged so regularly. More free time in those days as I explored a premature semi-retirement in my early 40s. Yesterday, on […]

  • Renewing my sense of purpose

    For years now, about 15 years, my thoughts have circled back to the same theme: storytelling in the mid-21st century. I wrote a post about that on our book design blog back in 2011. In those days, my former wife and I ran a boutique design studio focused on designing not only books but also […]

  • 2015: end of year review

    Just saw this post sitting in my drafts folder. For some reason I never hit published…probably needed to add more…but now it’s 2017. I should write a 2016 review. Anything, going to go ahead and put this out to there. Maybe I will write about 2016 before it’s 2018. Made it through another year and […]

  • A more personal turn

    I keep wanting this blog to have a focus, but there are too many varied thoughts in my head. So I’m opening this blogging space up to myself, which is appropriate since I write as much for myself as for anyone. Actually, I write mostly for my daughter Mila so that she might find these […]

  • My first friend

    Earlier in the week I learned of the death of Van Perdue at the age of 51, a man from my hometown, a guy I’ve not seen in decades. Yet, he appears in so many of my early childhood memories. We lived around the corner from each other. Our parents were friends. As the case […]