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A portable digital audio device is something I need occasionally and have wondered how to use my iPhone for that purpose. Thanks to this week’s free DSLR video tip movie from I learned a couple of quick tips about apps, cables, and external mics for the iPhone.

Plus, I really want to go back and look at all those DSLR video tips from Rich Harrington & Robbie Carman.

External Mics

Audio is only as good as the input. That means you need a good mic. I’ve heard about Blue Mic for a while. The Mikey is customized as a portable mic solution for iPhones & iPads.  It will cost you about $80 – $100, depending upon the retailer. Here’s a detailed review of the Mikey with photos of it attached to an iPhone.


Looks like Pro Audio To Go is the best of breed app for field recording. At $29.99 it’s an expensive app, but an iOS developer myself I can tell you that I’m sure a tremendous amount of work went into that product.  Here’s a review.


Got to have the right cables. I’m always getting confused on line in, XLR and other cable sites. Still looking for a good site that clearly explains what cable to use & when.

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