Hi, I’m Jeff Barry (@jeffbarry), an Associate Professor and Associate University Librarian at Washington & Lee University. As co-director of a four-year grant from the Mellon Foundation, I’m coordinating the library’s role in digital humanities at W&L and the integration of DH with our library instruction program.Jeff Barry

I’ve worked with Internet technologies since 1990. After a 15 year career as a librarian specializing in technology management and digital libraries, I shifted my emphasis to entrepreneurship & software development while running a design/development studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2013 my focus shifted back to academic libraries and digital studies.

My software focus for several years was iOS for iPhone & iPad. I devoted all of 2010-2012 to iOS app development, which I really enjoyed but am not working on any longer. These days, when it comes to code, I work a bit in R but mostly with CSS and (increasingly) JavaScript. Most of my work now, though, is away from the computer and involves meetings with a variety of faculty, administrators, and students in conversations about the library’s strategic directions.

Building on my expertise in strategic planning for technology in higher education, I’m also highly interested in digital strategies for startups and established businesses, particularly in the education, entertainment, publishing, & travel industries. See my LinkedIn profile for a more formal description of my professional life.

One of my more popular posts is from 2006 when a younger colleague asked me for career advice: 100 tips for a library technology manager

The best way of getting a sense as to what I’m passionate about is to read a post I wrote on our book design blog: Storytelling in the mid-century . And the term Endless Hybrids? That’s from Manovich’s The Language of New Media.

This site is primarily a way of gathering notes. Posts are not intended to be fully formed examinations of a topic. (Do I really need to tell you that?)